If you have recently installed a TV antenna on your property and you are having difficulty receiving a signal, you may need to adjust some aspect of the antenna. However, there are a number of steps you can take to attempt to remedy the problem to ensure that you can sit down and enjoy all your favourite TV programs again.


It is a common misconception that a bigger antenna will pick up more of the TV signal and provide a better picture. However, the ability of the antenna to pick up signals is measured using gain. Gain is measured using decibels (dB). If you purchase an antenna, the higher the dB capability the stronger the antenna will be.

Bounced signals

Metal and large brick or concrete structures reflect television transmissions. You should inspect the outside of your property to ensure that there are no large metal structures such as silos, warehouses or tall buildings between the TV and your antenna. If any of these structures are present, they may be bouncing and disrupting TV signals, causing them to not be picked up by your antenna even if it is properly positioned. If your antenna is located on your roof, you should perhaps consider moving the antenna into a position that is not blocked by large structures. Terrain such as hills and mountains can also cause problems with TV reception. You may need to consider installing a booster to the antenna which will help your antenna to deal with bounced signals.

Radio interference

TV signals are not the only radio signals which are transmitted across the airwaves. There are a range of different forms of radio traffic which can affect your TV reception, such as amateur CB radio traffic.

Electrical items in your home

Electrical items within your home could be the cause of your TV antenna problems. Household items such as computers, electrical motors, tools and other fittings such as neon and fluorescent lights, electric blankets, and thermostats or dimmer switches can all produce electrical interference which disrupts the reception of TV signals. One by one, you should turn off these electrical items and monitor if your TV reception improves.

If you are having difficulty with your TV antenna and signal reception, you should contact a professional antenna service company. They will be able to carry out an assessment and any necessary work to ensure your antenna is in the best working order.